Out of Darkness


  • 2004年10月27日 (美国)
  • 犯罪  
  • 剧情:"Out of Darkness" is about a female Spanish homicide detective named Teresa Maria de los Angeles a.k.a. Angie (Ada Carolina Ortiz) who works out of a fictional regional police depart in Cleveland, Ohio. She deals with a partner, Detective Drew Avon (Joseph Primes), who doesn't trust her because Angie's father is an alleged head of a drug cartel. Angie also has two bosses: an overly religious Police Lieutenant (Marvin L. Mallory) and an "ethically challenged" Special Prosecutor (Alex P. Michaels) who is very friendly with Philip Magnos (George V. Fiderio). Magnos is a businessman who may be behind all the criminal activity in the city. Yet with all that going on, the most disturbing element in Angie's life, is a mysterious shadow like creature that takes over her body and literally devours criminals. eae Written by Michaels, Alex P.