Terrace St.


  • 2008年01月29日 (美国)
  • 犯罪   恐怖  
  • 剧情:Four friends are ready to let loose after a long week; what better way to unwind than by going to the first big event of the summer, an underground party being held in Boston's old brewery district. Without a care in the world, Finley, Brooke, Lauren and Jason venture out for a night of fun, blissfully unaware of their fate. They arrive at what they believe is the correct location and venture inside. The air is still and eerily quiet, at odds with the expected noise and laughter of a party in full swing. Suddenly, a scream pierces the silences and the kids are faced with an unexpected dilemma: do they ignore it and go on their way or do they investigate, potentially helping someone in need? After heated debate, they venture further into the building to search for the source of the screams. Things begin to quickly spiral out of control as the kids discover the source of the sounds and of their ultimate undoing. The situation becomes increasingly dire and as they bear witness to things they can never un-see, the question is no longer "where's the party", but rather "will I survive the night"? eb8 Written by Ice Pick Entertainment