"Max Steel"


  • 2001年02月17日 (美国)
  • 动作   动画   科幻  
  • 剧情:When Max, Berto and Jefferson track a pair of thieves stealing computer components to the annual Del Oro Extreme, Max must go undercover as Josh McGrath. As a competitor in the DOX, Josh teams up with real-life skate-boarding star Tony Hawk to defeat a slick sports agent called Grimsley and his two dirty-fighting stars, Durham and Preston. But it turns out that Durham and Preston are the robbers; and they're using nitro-chips, a high tech kind of steroid, to make themselves as powerful as Max Steel! Will Max be able to stop these supercharged bad guys before their boss Grimsley can put his nitro-chips into mass production? deb Written by Anonymous Josh McGrath was as ordinary as a kid can be when your father runs a secret intelligence organization. That changed after an encounter with a malevolent cyborg code named Psycho. In that meeting, Psycho shattered a container holding a mass of nanotechological machines and those contents enveloped Josh and integrated with his body. After an initial examination and a scare when they learned that the nanites needed to be recharged periodically or Josh would die, the advantages come to light. Josh learns the nanites give him increased strength for brief periods, the ability to turn near invisible and the ability to change his appearance at will among other abilities. Now Josh fights against the enemies of peace as the mighty Max Steel for his father's organization while still putting up with the usual headaches that having a secret identity entails. Written by Kenneth Chisholm