Bobby Loves Mangos


  • 1998年10月01日 (美国)
  • 科幻   短片   惊悚  
  • 剧情:An elementary school principal arrives at school to find a video tape that is sent from the "future". The tape is from Bobby, age 40. But in the present time, Bobby is in elementary school at the same school. The tape's message is incredible, but concise: Stop a school bus accident that will kill 50 students that are on a field trip. Written by Timothy Michael Earwood 19d A story of an elementary school principal who receives a video tape in the mail. An adult who claims to be the lone survivor from a class that perished in a terrible bus accident says he has sent the tape from the year 2018, hoping he could convince the principal to change the bus' route. The adult, Bobby Derrick, stayed home that day with a food allergy to mangos, so he wasn't on the bus. e91 Written by Thomas M. Keppeler