Back East


  • 2005年04月23日 (美国)
  • 短片   西部  
  • 剧情:Jack Banner (Riley Matthews) ran from his inner demons only to find more waiting for him in the harsh lands of the west. Now fed up with the life he has led, Jack returns Back East in an attempt to redeem his sorrowful life. Uneasily, a young man sits down and listens as the gun hand relives his final days in the West... Racked with regret, Jack spends his life trying to forget his past but he has never found the courage to leave it behind him. When his "colleague" Bruce (Walter Collings), comes ranting about another job and big money, Jack's weak will steers him back to the path of ruin. Chuck Hardwick (Quincy Ellis) is a young soldier who needs the gangs help to get back some stolen money. Jack is out for money but through Chuck's sacrifices and his own faults, the gun hand will find the strength and motivation to fight for his redemption. Written by Anonymous