Ten Minutes


  • 喜剧   惊悚   短片
  • 剧情:Set in real time, 'Ten Minutes' is a Black Comedy all about 'Andy' a high-flying magazine editor, and a ten-minute deadline. Andy, the son of magazine owner Brian Starks, has the task of looking after his fathers top magazine. His main problem is he's well out of his depth. Realising he only holds this position due to a) It is his father's business and b) he blackmailed his sister 'Jessica' into not taking the job as editor in chief. When we join Andy he's in jovial spirits as he is about to meet his first deadline with Ten Minutes spare. All he needs to do is press return on his computer keypad. As he does so a caption appears on the screen asking for the remaining nine images. This sends Andy into a mass panic as he looks franticly for a CD-rom. As he moves backwards to take a wider look, the wheel of his chair smashes the vital CD-Rom. Realising he has no pictures and a deadline of only ten-minutes, he now embarks on a frantic struggle for survival that ends in a downward spiral. Andy now starts to experience the full set of emotions. His morning is beginning to resemble a top class drama, as he attempts to track down the reporters at 1:50am. The predicament he is facing is getting them to stop everything and help him whilst knowing full well no one likes either him or his working methods. Failure could be catastrophic for Andy, as it would make his job untenable, thus leaving his sister and archrival Jessica the prize of Chief Editor of the magazine. The pressure starts to take his toll on Andy, and it begins to send him over the edge. Having experienced every kind of emotion the inconceivable thought of failure becomes reality. e7e Written by Anonymous