Street Wok'n


  • 2006年09月16日 (美国)
  • 喜剧  
  • 剧情:Streetwok'n is a lightweight comedy about Uncle and Nephew, two Asian immigrants, who try to make it in an American ghetto. Uncle's breakthrough idea to sell Chinese food in vending machines makes an enemy of Power T, the self-proclaimed ghetto kingpin, who uses the machines to sell his drugs. Uncle and Nephew, with the help of Quentin St. James, their Jamaican friend, and Mr. Chin, their faithful dog, must fight Power T and his gang of Intimidators to succeed in their business. Will Nephew survive the local school system? Can the ghetto survive Power T and his terrible bass-busting rap music? Will Uncle divulge the secret of his special sauce? No one is safe, including Uncle Sam, in this non-stop, laugh-filled satire of all things American. Written by Matt Gunter