Losers of the Year


  • 2005年03月01日 (美国)
  • 喜剧  
  • 剧情:"Losers of the Year" is a teen comedy about a boy named Herman, an innocent sheltered boy who has been home-schooled by his loving over protective mother all of his life. Forced to attend public high school in his final senior year, Herman faces the realities of friendship for the first time. He falls in love with the popular girl in school and wishes to impress her, however his appearance in terms of style is less than appealing. His friends help in a make-over and with a snap, Herman is the stud of the school...admired by everyone including the girl of his dreams. Will he get caught up in the politics of popularity and leave his friends who stood by him before the make-over? Or will he remain the way his loving mother raised him to be? 2e Written by edgewaterpictures@edgewaterpictures.com