Raspberry Heaven


  • 2004年09月10日 (美国)
  • 剧情:Angie has flashbacks while working with the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. She replays her tormented past through a sexual encounter with an actor that becomes angry and assaultive. Her brother Kurt watches from the closet. Angie attacks him, then turns her anger inward and attempts suicide. Detective Purdue investigates the crime scene. When his search turns up drug paraphernalia and a large stash of money, Purdue pursues the case. His interest in the case is exacerbated by the recent suicide of his daughter from a drug overdose. Angie is placed under the psychiatric care of Nathan Andrews, a clinical psychologist. Andrews tries to make sense of Angie's intrapsychic world, while Purdue relentlessly pursues the criminal case. What the two gradually unravel in Angie's and Kurt's history draws them both in beyond the boundaries of their professions. Angie's and Kurt's past catches up with them. Mick Callaway, their stepfather, stalks the young victimized innocents, seeking revenge. Or are they the victimizers -- and Mick, who has raised them from very early childhood, the victim? Angie, Kurt, Dr. Andrews and Detective Purdue, all in their own unique way, come face to face with the perpetrator(s) of evil. The characters' twisted and tormented lives defy healing until each is thrust into a series of situations that lead them toward personal redemption. e80 Written by David Oas