Still Green


  • 2007年11月07日 (美国)
  • 剧情:The summer of their senior year, ten best friends rent a beach house for one last week before separating for college. A tragic accident in the ocean changes and tests their friendship. In this dark teen drama, everything can change in an instant. "Still Green" follows each character through the three days in the house before and after the accident. The plot unfolds as their personal stories interweave, overlap, and often directly conflict with one another. In the midst of an ideal teen vacation and lush tropical landscape, the characters are developed. Beautiful free spirited Kerri (Sarah Jones) is still coping with the loss of her father, and her mother's refusal to honor his last wish. A recent break-up has unearthed these feelings, triggering spontaneous and unhealthy relationships with her friends. Alan (Ryan Kelley) struggles with his conflicting feelings about Kerri and about his girlfriend. Sean (Noah Segan) is a talented but disturbed artist. He is haunted by a frightening breakdown which has rendered him unable to draw. "Still Green" is a story of secret crushes, crippling insecurities, excitement for the future, rumors and secrets, and crossing the line between friendship and sexual attraction. But a darker theme drives the plot of "Still Green"; how death changes absolutely everything between a group of friends, at a time when every second of life seemed vitally important and every emotion felt like the end of the world. e8c Written by Georgia Menides